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Women Who  Lead Book (Anthology)

 I am so....excited! I am teaming up with some girl bosses to share my advice, successes and failures. You cannot be a true girl boss if you are afraid to be talk about the struggles. too.   Learn more abut me below. I am looking forward to sharing information about the release of this book. You do not want to miss it!!! Get on theo mail list to be notified of all of the deets, give me your input and get some freebies. "sign up here"

Here is my bio (just in case you want to know more about me)

Devay Campbell- International Career Coach and Business Mentor.

Devay Campbell is the CEO and Founder of Career 2 Cents Coaching and Consulting Company. She is also the Founder of the Career Hustlers Club, The Candid Classroom to Conversation Tour and The Anti-Hobbyist Mastermind Group.

Devay is also a certified Human Resources professional and the two-time Amazon best-selling author of The BEST Job Interview Advice Book and Her Chronicles (co-author.) She leverages her professional and personal experience to empower and educate individuals to have the career or business they deserve. Her specialties career transitions, job seeking and monetizing your knowledge.

Her career and business prowess has attracted clients and media throughout the world including the US, India, South America, United Kingdom, Dubai and Africa. Her advice has been featured in Essence Magazine, Business Insider, Reader’s Digest, Society of HR Management and The Huffington Post.

Devay’s career and professional life have been a story of “firsts.”  Devay’s “can do” attitude and being apologetically unafraid to zig when everyone else zags, has led to her continuously charting new territory with ease. She did not allow being a teen mom slow her down one bit. Devay started the first uber-like service for children (Kids Kab) in Winston-Salem at age 27. She and her business were selected to be featured on the front page of the Business section of the Winston-Salem Journal.

It can be argued as to whether she was a leader that was made or born. Those that knew her as a child will attest to the latter. Devay attributes a great deal of her ability to lead to the fact that she has been placed in newly created management or HR roles (with no one to follow) in 5 different organizations. This sharpened her skills at creating processes and procedures for others to follow.

When she is not working, you can find Devay volunteering with youth groups and nonprofit organizations conducting career or business workshops. She believes everyone should have the benefit of professional advice or assistance at least once in their life regardless of their financial status.

Devay graduated Magna Cum Laude with Bachelor’s in Professional Studies from Kaplan University. Devay was born in Winston-Salem, NC but spent her childhood years in Washington DC and Forestville Maryland. She has one daughter and resides in Pfafftown North Carolina.

Devay Campbell IS... a Woman Who Leads! #womenwholead
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Her Chronicles Book
Her Chronicles Book
Her Chronicles: Fear, Faith & Fortitude
Devay’s Amazon Store
Devay’s Amazon Store

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