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Career ---ca·reer [kəˈrir]  An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.

Hustler ---hus·tler[ˈhəslər An aggressively enterprising person; a go-getter.

Are you a Career Hustler?

Career Hustler:  Current, or emerging professional dedicated to and actively seeking ongoing progress in their careers, business and lifestyle.


The biggest differences between individuals that move forward in their CAREERS, LIVES and BUSINESSES and those that are stagnant are tools, resources and coaching. The ability to reach out to someone, ask questions or get a road map about what to do...is priceless.  Oh, but there is a price and it is usually hundreds to thousands of dollars. Career Hustlers is an affordable but high-value way of getting the same resources and access!

About the Head Career Hustlers (Me)

I am a coach and I love what I do! Giving people the inside track to their career growth is an honor to me and very rewarding. I wish I had Career Hustlers as a teen mom jumping into the workforce with little education. I have worked as a freelancer and started a successful business Kidz Kab.

I didn't have a community like Career Hustlers and that is ok.  What I do have, is tried and true strategies to  help you (and a great place to nurture the process like Career Hustlers).  I have managed employees and eventually landed a seat at the table in Human Resources departments across several industries.

I eventually returned to get a degree in Business Management and one in Professional Studies with a Human Resources concentration. I also have two Human Resources certifications, HOWEVER, I know that education alone will not get your where you need to be in your career.

Whether you are a career hustler already or want to become one,  I got your back!

Join Career Hustlers and you will receive access to monthly training opportunities, professional development advice, expert interviews,  discounts. a private Facebook community, access to the Head Career Hustler.

Join Career Hustlers! We are looking for like-minded hustlers to join us that are serious about managing and advancing their current career, business and life.


Wellness, Fashion, Inspiration and more!

Career Advice/Job Searching

Business Tips and Strategies

Private group, support and networking opportunities.

Be honest with yourself. Can you or your team benefit from:


Ongoing support and encouragement from like- minded hustlers?



Discounts or free services/products?



A community to share your successes and help with challenges?



Career resources and strategies to develop your hustle?



Virtual Group Training to Keep your hustle sharp?



Career Coach and Mentor access?


At a FRACTION OF THE COST  of  "traditional" career coaching without a contract ?

Do you believe...


Maintaining your career health is key component to happiness?


Being intentional and strategic about your career will lead to growth and success?


Two heads (or more) are better than one?

Are you ready to support your career and have a team of people (including me) helping you?  You can get your career hustle on for less than $1 a day!

 Meet some of the experts of the Career Hustlers

Zena Thomas, PHR is an author, blogger, entrepreneur, and Human Resources professional. With an education in Marketing and Human Resources Management, she has worked for small start up companies and Fortune 500 organizations.


Margaret Buj “The Interview Coach” has extensive (10 years) experience of interviewing professionals at all levels across a number of industries and has recruited for global corporations in the technology and e-commerce space across EMEA and the US including Microsoft, Cisco Systems, VMware and Expedia. She is also a qualified Personal Performance & Corporate and Executive Coach and can help you with developing confidence and the attitude that will make it easier for you to get any job you want.


Courtney Ball-Working in human resources revealed Courtney's true passion - helping others identify and enhance their strengths, in the workplace. She currently functions as a recruiter and manages training and development at the world's lead political risk consultancy, in New York City. Courtney is also the CEO/Founder of CMB Professional Development Agency. 

All of the replays from the summit are inside of Career Hustlers' site.

Plans and Pricing Options for Individuals

        *Groups and businesses: Contact us for pricing options.


Basic Monthly Plan

  • Exclusive Facebook Group Membership
  • Live Group Telephone Office Hours
  • Free and discounted products, services and events (10%)
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  • Ambassador Status Qualification

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*No contracts required

“Devay Campbell is very professional, informative and overall a great coach! She was very instrumental in my experience transitioning from company to another. She providing me with great feedback on my resume and interviewing skills while empowering me throughout me journey. I would HIGHLY recommend Devay to anyone who needs any kind of coach, whether it is transitioning, moving up within an organization or networking. She is very knowledgeable and inspiring!”

- Maketta Williams (from NC)

“Devay has been really helpful when I was in need of career advises and has also been very responsive. She made sure that all the queries were answered in time and were useful too. I can assure you that she would be really helpful for anyone regarding career advises because of her experience and expertise in the field. Above all, she is one most dedicated person in what she does. I can say this because I've experienced the help and support.”

-Geetha Anna Rajan (From Dubai)

“Devay was kind enough to do a presentation on interview techniques for our group of High School students participating in a Work-Ready Certification program. Devay did a great job of coaching the students on what it is interviewers are looking for, which is helping to prepare many of them for their first job interview. One of the interesting twists to Devay's presentation is that she is in North Carolina and we're in California so her entire presentation was done through a video-conference! This required an even more dynamic approach in her presentation style and she did an amazing job!! Thanks, again, Devay for volunteering your time to help our youth succeed in work and in life!! Hope we'll have the opportunity to work together again!”

-Angela Higdon (From CA)

“This is a wonderful resource for anyone preparing for an interview in any field. I will be definitely recommending it to the assistant principals I work with in pursuit of the principalship. The advice and tips are provided in a manner that is easy to implement The author provides great reference tools as well as ||lessons learned||. I absolutely love the space provided for you to organize your thoughts and write down ideas and information as well as the valuable input from all the experts. Perhaps the best part of the book is the conversational writing style that Ms. Campbell used. The writing style makes it easier to relate and it conveys the intended message perfectly! You will definitely return to the book frequently for guidance either for yourself or someone else that is seeking your input on interviewing. This book is worth buying if you are looking for practical advice that you can apply immediately. I highly recommend this book to all preparing to interview and those who assist individuals in preparation for interviews. Being prepared will ultimately make you more confident”

- Amazon review from S. H. Porter

Before my job interviews, I worked with Devay on answering a series of potential interview questions and she critiqued them and gave me great feedback .. It truly helped me at my interview and I was more confident with answering my questions. Thank you for your career coaching!

Latersa Blakely  (From AR)

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