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Are you ready to get hired?

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Learn the secrets to getting hired from a Career Coach, Certified HR professional and the author of The BEST Job Interview Advice Book.


Topics Include:

Learn the  top secrets that I have used to receive multiple job offers!

The mistakes you may be making that can hinder you from getting an interview.

Must make changes to your resume TODAY to get noticed!

Questions you must master answering in a job interview.


This is for you if....


You are in a job where you feel stuck (no growth opportunities or just hate it.)


The job is great but you are not passionate about the work you are doing.


2017 is the year you said " I am getting a job-for real."


You need a few tips and tricks to brush the dust off your resume and interviewing skills.

I have used you several times for interview preps and each time you have been dead on with possible questions that may have been asked . I found myself to be well prepared and confident being interviewed. I was very impressed with your calmness and your patience.

I was also impressed on how you continued to rehearse were I stumbled until I was comfortable. Each time I have used your services I have been hired.

Devay many blessing to you, thank you!

M. Hauser

Trainer/Staff Development

Devay Campbell is awesome!! Devay presented on behalf of Graduate Service Program of Goodwill NWNC. Power Plan Your Personnel Brand!!!! Devay empowered the audience with knowledge, laughter and HOPE!!!

I had a client to tell me how the event helped him as far as landing him employment!!!!

Gina Ortiz

Graduate Service Professional, Goodwill NW NC

After being unemployed for 6 months. Today I accepted an offer on a job that has better career opportunities and SALARY. I am also so grateful for the expertise of Devay Campbell. She has assisted me in updating my resume, awesome interview techniques,negotiating salary and so much more. She truly was a blessing in helping me through this process.

I just wanted to share my good news and encourage someone else in the group that maybe waiting for their opportunity. It's on the way!!!! You have an awesome mentor with Devay! Stay focus and locked into the wealth of career information she shares with us.
Bridgette Johnson

Career & Admissions Counselor

Devay Campbell is very professional, informative and overall a great coach! She was very instrumental in my experience transitioning from company to another. She providing me with great feedback on my resume and interviewing skills while empowering me throughout me journey. I would HIGHLY recommend Devay to anyone who needs any kind of coach, whether it is transitioning, moving up within an organization or networking. She is very knowledgeable and inspiring!


Marketta Williams

Volunteer Coordinator