This weekend I decided to ride a horse!! If you really knew me you would being say WHAT?!? You see, you would know that:

1. I do not dislike animals but like them at a distance.
2. I am not an outdoor kind of girl. See #5 and I hate bugs (I think the feeling is mutual.)
3. I don't like heat. I am team AC all the way!
4. My tummy is sensitive (easily upset by smells, foods and emotions)
5. My allergies are disrespectful and can override some good meds at times.
6. I like to sleep in.
Why in the heck would I be on horse walking through the woods/trees in the hot South Carolina sun with horses stopping to "go" every 5 minutes??? I even woke up early and paid for the experience. Am I crazy?
It is simple.
I push others out of their comfort zones, telling them to go for it anyway, promoting confidence building activities and encouraging them to trust the process- even when they are unsure of the outcomes. Being a Career Coach and Business Mentor is fun but I must keep elevating myself to be able to give more. I must practice what I preach to continue to give relevant and effective advice based the experience of myself or clients- not a text  book. Having input into the lives and careers of others is serious business.
I recently started beta testing my Ant-Hobbyist Mastermind group which will require me to mentor a group of s micro and solo business owners,  that will help elevate one another. Masterminding requires you to be flexible and have the ability to give and receive. You must have an open mind. Period.
Of course I wanted to change my mind about riding the horse (more than once.)
Well....I did it!
I made special note to take in the scenery and enjoy the moment. I asked questions and learned a bit too. Zip (the horse) wanted to stop graze vs. walk and kept trying to walk pass the leader horse. Needless to say, I had to steer and guide him at times to keep on course. I enjoyed that.It showed me I had a role in the process and that I was not just a passenger. I was the driver.  Even we are uncomfortable we must realize that we have everything we need to manage. I will remember this when times are not so great.
Side note: I really like to SEE white animals (dogs, cats, horses, polar bears etc...) I think they are so pretty. When the trainer assigned horses to the group,...guess which one she assigned to me?? The only all white horse in the bunch! I believe it was the universe giving me a high five and saying...Girl, you got this!
Would I do it again? Yes!
I am a big fan of self-development. The action taking kind, not just soaking up knowledge to make you feel good.
Tell me, what have you done that scares you or makes you uncomfortable? No answer? What will you do? 
Will you finally go back to school, take dance lessons, run a marathon, get a new job, start a business or write a book? What is it?
Share or tag  a person that you admire for taking risks and living outside of their comfort zones.
About the Author:

Devay Campbell is an International Career Coach and Business Mentor. She is the CEO and Founder of Career 2 Cents Coaching and Consulting Company. She is also the Founder of the Career Hustlers Club, The Candid Classroom to Conversation Tour and The Anti-Hobbyist Mastermind group.

 She is also a certified Human Resources professional and the  two-time Amazon best-selling author of The BEST Job Interview Advice Book and Her Chronicles (co-author.)  Devay leverages her professional and personal experience to empower and educate individuals to have the career or business they deserve.  Her specialties career transitions, job seeking and monetizing your knowledge.

Her career and business prowess has attracted clients and media throughout the world including the US, India, South America, United Kingdom, Dubai and Africa. Her advice been featured Magazine, Business Insider, Reader’s Digest, Society of HR Management and The Huffington Post.