My email inbox and Facebook friend's timelines have been flooded with themes for 2017. So, when asked, I selected my theme word. I selected “multiply.”  That is my theme for 2017 and I am ready!

I want to multiply my reach, clients, opportunities. More importantly, I want to help you multiply your job leads, interviews and job offers.

News flash! There is only one you so you must work smarter, not harder. Seeking a job can be time consuming. Automation is a great way to multiply your job search is a great way to begin to multiply the opportunities.

Here a few ways to automate your job search and multiply your job leads.

  1. Sign up to have jobs delivered directly to your inbox.

Begin by visiting the websites of the companies that you are interested in.  Visit the “Career” section and look for t “talent community” or “create saved alerts.” This will allow you to define the type of position(s) you are looking for and the company will have them sent to via email.

You will more than likely be inundated with emails if you selected multiple companies. So here are a few tips:

  • It is a good idea to send them to a designated email address. You want to be able to get to them and skim them quickly.
  • Consider having the delivery frequency to daily at first but change it if it becomes too much.

Post your resume on job boards.

When I was a recruiter a big portion of my recruits were “passive candidates.” This means that they did not apply for the positions I had posted.  I would scroll through databases of resumes on site like, Careerbuilder and

Make sure you have an updated, well-crafted resume with the correct contact information posted on these job sites.

Download 81 words that will make your resume pop.

There is no way you will able to remain abreast of every single job opening so this is a way to go. Being easy to locate is a win-win for you and the recruiter.

  1. Take your job search on the road

Being able to get notifications and apply to positons from mobile device is an awesome benefit.  Take advantage of it. If you are like me, your phone is always close by.

Organizations are investing thousands of dollars to make sure their application process is easy to use and accessible for mobile users.  Check out his article on 25 apps you can use with IPhone. You can also check out 15 Best Job Search Apps.

If you have a theme for 2017, let me know

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About the author:

Devay Campbell is an International Career Coach, certified Human Resources professional, and two time Amazon best-selling author. Her books include The BEST Job Interview Advice Book and Her Chronicles (co-author.) Devay is the CEO and founder of Career 2 Cents and Career Hustlers Club. 

She leverages her professional and personal experience to empower individuals and audiences (with an emphasis on youth and women) in the areas of interviewing, entrepreneurship, personal brand, leadership, workplace success, resumes, conflict resolution, negotiating and more. ​Devay Campbell has contributed her 2 Cents to many career and business media outlets and publications including The Huffington Post, Business Management Daily, FUBU Radio, Career Contessa and WDJY FM 99.1 radio.