If you are here, you should know that I experience working with individuals just like you!  I want you to know that hiring a coach to assist you in a bold and gutsy move. Let's face it, we live in a world where we believe we can do everything by ourselves. How much time and money is or will that end up  costing you?

Will coaching work for me?

Although there is no magic formula, a partnership with someone who can offer guidance, honest feedback and assist you in making the next steps will take some of the confusion and uncertainty out of your situation.

You need a coach if you:

  • Have tried things on your own and keep getting the same or little results.
  • Are getting ready for a job or career transition.
  • Are launching a business or new product and need assistance.
  • Need a co-partner to help you implement your vision or strategy

What if I have support in my current circle?

Your friends and family members are great advocates for you who may also be willing to help. However, keep in mind that they may not give you the advice you need due to lack of knowledge or their fear of hurting your feelings. And yes, Google has tons of information and can seem like the answer to everything. I love Google and I get it. I Google everything! But keep in mind that articles and information on the internet are written for the masses, not individuals.

If you are looking for personal, one-on-one attention and clarity about YOUR situation, I can help. It does not matter if you need a quick session or more intense coaching; in either situation, I have something for you. Each session will be tailored just for YOU.

Coaching Options:

Success Jump Start

75 Minutes

Intensive hour of brainstorming or interview coaching. Walk a way with an individualized plan to move forward to implement ideas


5 hours (Virtual or In person)

Need a strategy like-right now? The VIP day includes intensive back to back sessions with breaks. Walk a way road map to your career of business success and actionable success plan for the next 6 months. Includes a 60 minute follow up call, membership to Career Hustlers and any assessments that may be necessary

Ultimate Success Strategy

  • 6/60 minute coaching call  or  3/60 minute calls
  • 90 Day email support between calls.
  • Done for you tasks (pre-determined)
  • 60 Day Career Hustler Membership
  • 1 45 Minute Follow up calls



During your session(s) we can work on:


Gaining Career Clarity


Interviewing Skills


Workplace Conflict Resolution


Business Start Up


Changing Careers


Next-level Career Strategies


Compensation Negotiations


Barriers to Success

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