About Devay:

I am so glad they were wrong about me...

Who said that if you are teen mother, from a single parent home and didn't go to college until  after age 30 that you wouldn't become much in life?  They did! The thing about "they" is ...they did not control my destiny and they do not control your destiny! You do! That is why, I am glad you are here.   You can have the job or business of dreams and/or become a rock star leader!

Take a deep breath and lets get to know one another.

I believe

Strategy + Hustle + Passion can move mountains!

I can walk with you through transitions in your career, team or business. It is not easy but certainly not impossible. I have been there and done that and helped others to it too.  Heck,  I wish I had a "Devay" when I was going through  career changes, starting a business or learning to be a better leader. While I thought all of the growing pains were just for me. Now, I know better now. I understand that it was all for you and I am ready to help!

What I do

I help career professionals and entrepreneurs identify and reduce road blocks that stifles their professional success, clutters their minds and hinders them from securing the opportunities that they KNOW they deserve and have the hustle to go after. I can help you monetize the knowledge you already possess! My  favorite groups to serve (women. leaders and youth)

Why I do it

Seeing the transformation, financial results and light bulb go off for my clients is a feeling that never gets old to me. My success is rooted in the success I help to achieve. If you win, I win, we win. There is nothing else I would rather do with my life and I am blessed beyond measure that I was given the talent, purpose and passion for this.

How I Do It

Coaching  (Individual and Group)

Speaking (Workshops, Seminars)

Learning Tools (Books, Courses)